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Lemon Thyme Tart

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Lemon flavoured anything is always a staple. Lemon meringue pie, lemon cake, lemon biscotti, its just a friggin' classic. I'll always be a lemon fan, but sometimes I'm looking for a little twist. In this case, it was thyme (no pun intended).

Don't panic! Yes, yes thyme is normally used in savoury dishes but if it's used eveer soo slightly it can be a game-changer. This tart is sweet, tart, and a wee bit earthy.


Lemon-Thyme Tart

Recipe adapted from Rosie Daykin's Butter Baked Goods Tart Shell 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup icing sugar 2 egg yolks 1/2 egg (whisked and split in half)

1 1/4 cups of all purpose-flour

1/4 teaspoon salt 2 tsp fresh thyme leaves Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Add egg yolks and eggs, one at a time. With the mixer running at low speed, add flour, salt and fresh thyme leaves until well combined. Wrap dough and refrigerate for at least an hour. Once dough has chilled, roll out 1/4 inch thick and transfer to a 9 inch tart shell, pressing up sides and cutting off excess with a knife or by using a rolling pin. Bake for 12 minutes until tart is golden brown. Lemon Filling 300 ml can of sweetened condensed milk 2 egg yolks 1/2 cup FRESH lemon juice Zest of 1 lemon Whisk together all above ingredients and pour into tart shell. Bake for 20 minutes until set. Serve as is or add fresh fruit (strawberries are delish)

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